Mergers & Acquisition

Tax Planning

The sale of company assets or shares will attract income tax. Proper tax planning can significantly reduce your tax burden. To minimize your tax burden, the planning should start well before the anticipated sale. The payoff can be huge.

Balance Sheet Analysis

The Balance Sheet analysis supports the tax planning. Some companies are literally unsellable due to a messed up Balance Sheet. In most cases this can be corrected. There can be significant value added by managing the Balance Sheet properly.

Corporate Restructure

In many cases there are multiple companies and multiple owners. A corporate restructure may be able to save significant taxes and create sale value.


We perform a proper professional corporate valuation. The days of valuing on simple multiples is gone. A professional Valuation will weaponized your asking price for a business.

Framing the Deal

If you are buying or selling, framing the deal is necessary to maximize value. Framing is setting the price and then clearly defining what the buyer is getting.

By framing the deal first your best interests are taken care of.

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